Father’s Day and a Menu Victory!

As you know, today is Father’s Day. My family celebrated by meeting for lunch at Cantina Laredo, one of my dad’s favorite places. I’ve known for a while its a good idea to look up a restaurant’s menu online before you go, to help make healthier choices and plan ahead. Since my diet right now is quite strict (more on that in the future), I decided pre-menuing was a must! I had it narrowed down to two choices before we got there, and had my questions ready for the server. I went with Pollo Chipotle, because it required the least amount of modifications to make it okay and I didn’t want to be a total pain to the server or kitchen! It was delicious (although they were a little stingy with the green beans I subbed for beans/rice)! 

After lunch, we walked around The Landing, and stopped in a few stores. I paid over $2  for a bottle of water at Bass Pro, but I was thirsty and desperate! I don’t think I had nearly the amount of water yesterday that I should have, which is why the scale didn’t move and I’ve had a dry throat all day today. I’ve made a conscious effort today to drink a ton of water, but I still don’t think I’ve caught up!

I’m off to fix dinner for me and the boyfriend, since he’ll be home from work soon.  We’re having left-overs from last night: turkey meatballs with homemade sauce for me, and spaghetti with beef meat sauce for him; giant salads all around!  He’s not having turkey meatballs because he told me once he doesn’t like meatballs, and since I’d never made this recipe for him, I didn’t want him to have to eat something he didn’t like, so I made him man food instead. I did make him a little “tester” turkeyball, which he loved! Score! Next time I don’t have to make two different meals!

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s an old school pic of me and the family, from 1992. (The baby boy is my cousin)



Have a great night, I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow if I survive my first day back from vacation!




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