Windy Wednesday!

Hey there!

Just a quick post today since we’re going to be headed back out soon! We came by the house to chill for a bit, but we’re going to eat and then to the Springfield Cardinals game tonight. 

This morning we went by the DMV (where they were out of “take one” numbers and the line was long, but surprisingly we made it out in about 10 minutes!), and then went to the Sprint store so Boyfriend could get a new phone. There was nothing wrong with his old one, except that it wasn’t a super cool touch screen with fun apps! 😉

After Sprint, we went downtown to eat lunch at Bistro Market, which is sort of like Springfield’s tiny version of Whole Foods. Their salad bar is to die for (except for the next few weeks I can only eat about five things off it), and they have a full menu. I built a salad with Cajun seasoned chicken on top and it was delicious! Chris had a bison burger with the most delicious looking fries, and said it was really good, too. I meant to take a picture with his new super cool phone, since the camera on it is pretty badazz, but forgot.

After lunch, we were supposed to go by Hammon’s Field and buy our tickets for the game tonight, but totally forgot that too (I really do have THE WORST memory!). We ended up walking around Bass Pro for a while, and then headed home to relax and supposedly take a nap–but Boyfriend is acting like a kid with a new Christmas toy over here, lol!!  I will be getting one soon, too. I was planning on getting a  new BlackBerry once I started my new job, but now I think I really want the Evo (though I’ll probably go with the Evo Shift since I like to feel my keys when I type and touch screens don’t always like me).

Well we’re going to head out, so I must say good night! I promise I will work on being better about taking pictures when we go places or eat something delicious, since just reading is boring as heck probably not as fun as seeing proof. For example, yesterday we went to a place called Fellows Lake that I never knew existed, is about 20 minutes away, and is beautiful, but I forgot my camera! We may go back tomorrow and if we do, I’ll definitely take pics so I can share with all of you.

Hope you had a great day!



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