Monday’s Meatloaf

Good morning!  Hope everyone is having an awesome day, mine has started off fantastically!!

So last night, we went to McAlister’s for a simple, but delicious dinner. Boyfriend had never eaten there until I took him a few months ago, and now he’s hooked on their sweet tea. I had a grilled chicken salad (minus the bacon, cheese, and croutons) and half a turkey on whole grain sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and spicy brown mustard–which I have never liked but am really enjoying right now–with an UN-sweet tea to which I added Splenda. I love that I can put Splenda in my tea and it tastes just like good old-fashioned southern sweet tea (the pink and blue packets just don’t cut it)!  My dinner looked so fresh and clean, and of course I forgot to snap a pic! haha

Chris had a Bacon Spud–so basically all the stuff I had them leave off my salad ended up on his giant baked potato, to which he added butter and sour cream–and of course a sweet tea!  Anyone else find it enviable that guys can eat like than and not gain an ounce?!  While we were eating, I asked if he had a spud in mind when he suggested McAlister’s for dinner. His answer? “I guess, kinda, but I really just wanted sweet tea!”

After dinner tea, we headed out to the game. Even though we didn’t buy our tickets until we got there, we ended up with front row seats–to a less than spectacular game.

There were some exciting times, like the couple dozen foul balls that actually ended up hitting a couple of people, some decent hits in the correct direction, and the time one of our guys got nailed in his man hood when the pitcher tried to throw him out from stealing a base, but it was definitely not as exciting as a STL Cards game! However, we were glad we didn’t drive to St. Louis to watch that game last night (that was my original idea), because they lost too and that would have been a lot of car time and even more disappointing.

This morning we slept in forever–seriously, 9:00!! But then we’ve been moving right along ever since. Boyfriend has already gone to and returned from his bi-weekly hair cut (when your hair is that short it gets “fuzzy bear” looking fast!), and is now cutting the grass. What have I been up to? I’ve already done my morning blogroll check in, facebooked it up, and worked out!! Yeah, me! I was sitting on the couch drinking coffee after Chris left and had this sudden urge to hop on the treadmill, so I figured I better do it before I changed my mind! I got in 20 minutes, showered, and now I’m working on this.

I think today we’re going to pack a lunch and go up to Fellow’s Lake to hang out and enjoy the gorgeous weather! Before I go though, here is my recipe for a meatloaf that Boyfriend actually loved! (No, he also never really cared for meatloaf, just like he never really cared for meatballs, before I made this on a whim. Why did I wait 2 years to try these recipes on him?)

Turkey (or extra lean ground beef) Meatloaf

 For the Loaf:

1/2 of a large onion

1 small green bell pepper

2 cloves garlic

1 large egg, beat

1 tsp reduced sugar ketchup

1 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning

2 T bread crumbs

1/2 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp salt

1 lb ground turkey or beef

 For the Sauce:

1/2 c reduced sugar ketchup

1 T light brown sugar

1 tsp mustard

 What To Do:

 Preheat your oven to 350. 


Chop the onion and green bell pepper. Mince the garlic if you aren’t using the jarred stuff.


 Sautee the bell pepper/onion/garlic in a smidge of oil about 3 minutes, then remove from heat and let it cool a bit.


Combine the egg, salt/pepper, ketchup, Italian seasoning, and bread crumbs in a bowl.

 Add in the meat and your onion mixture, then get dirty! Mix it all up thoroughly with your hands.


Pack the meatloaf into an 8×4 loaf pan that’s been coated in Pam.

 Bake for 35 minutes. While its baking, combine the ingredients for the sauce.


Drain the juices from the pan, spread the sauce over the meatloaf (this made more than we wanted, so use as little or as much as you like), then return it to the oven for another 5 minutes or so.

 Remove it from the oven and let sit for 10 minutes.

 Cut into 4 slices, plate it up, and enjoy!

Boyfriend had 2 slices, I had one for dinner and the other for lunch the next day. Served with: “fried” green beans for both of us, and mashed potatoes for him.

 Food for thought: Have you ever cooked something for someone that they claimed they didn’t like, until they actually ate it?  Have you ever pretended you still didn’t like something after someone made you try it, even though you secretly liked it?




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3 responses to “Monday’s Meatloaf

  1. Remember my mum always did meatloaf with owen potatoes. It was the best thing. Have to try again. Thanks for the recipe

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