Do These Shades Make Me Look Old?

The other night, I ran to the store to get Boyfriend some beer to go with his pizza for dinner (I had egg on whole grain bread with lots of mustard, tomatoes, cucumbers, and an orange). I got half way there  and realized I didn’t have my ID, so I drove back to get it; I knew if I didn’t have it I would definitely get carded and have to go back anyways.  I finally make it to the store, walked up to the counter, and the only questions the guy asked me were, “Do you want a bag?” and, “Is that debit or credit?”  Seriously?! I went all the way back home and you aren’t going to card me?? Do I REALLY look 40?? I know the rule is if the person looks under 40, you card them. Do I even look 30?!  Geez! I wanted to ask, “Aren’t you going to ask for ID?” but I figured what’s the point.  I WAS wearing a Chiefs Game Day Crew Miller Lite T-Shirt from my bartending days, and these super cool shades my daddy bought me on Father’s Day (yeah, I know), but I’d still like to be carded… It makes  a girl feel good about herself! haha


In other news, I’m having a bit of a dressing dilemma. No, not the kind that would land me a spot on “What were they thinking?!”, but the kind that makes me not want to eat salad because I can’t find anything good to dress it with!  I need non-fat or low-fat, vinegar or vinegar/oil based. I love me some Hidden Valley Ranch, Caesar, and Kraft’s Greek with Parmesan, but those are all off-limits right now! 

 Friday I made a delicious, beautiful salad to eat for lunch at work…



 But then it was ruined when I put this dressing on it! Seriously, I couldn’t eat it. I scraped as much of it off as I could from the chicken and cucumbers, and tossed the rest in the trash.


 I’ve also tried Chris’s favorite Kraft Light Balsamic, but don’t care for it either.  I’ve decided that it’s not the people making the dressing’s fault, I just don’t like Balsamic! Today I bought some Newman’s Own Low Fat Sesame & Ginger dressing–I’m hoping it tastes somewhat like the ginger dressing they use at Japanese steak houses.  I found a dressing I absolutely LOVE, on the salad bars at Price Cutter and Bistro Market–but can’t actually find it in the store! Maybe they will let me buy some from their bulk bottles??

 If anyone has any suggestions for a good dressing, let me know, please!?

 Since its Sunday, today was grocery day. We eat clean 98% of the time, so our shopping trips consist mostly of produce and meat.



We also only eat whole grain bread/pasta products. It’s a switch I made a long time ago, and when I started cooking for Chris, he didn’t even notice the difference.



 We’re trying a few new dinner ideas this week, so I will be sure to share those with you as we go along and let you know if we liked them or not!



 I’m off to go cook chicken breast for lunches this week, then start dinner. Hope you have a great week!

 Do you like getting carded, or do you find it annoying?




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2 responses to “Do These Shades Make Me Look Old?

  1. Just discovered your blog! 😀 I’ve totally had a dressing dilemma before– in fact, I think I’ve become quite the dressing snob! I can’t find a bottled dressing that I like, so I usually resort to making my own dressing on the weekends and keeping it in the fridge all week. Homemade tastes SO much better anyway! My current favorites are an “Italian” red wine vinaigrette and a lemon-dijon dressing.

    I definitely don’t mind getting carded, though I’m usually surprised when they ask to see my ID!

    • Thanks for checking out my little blog! 🙂

      May I ask how you make your 2 favs? I randomly made one the other night, I just took white vinegar, added a sprinkle of splenda to cut the “bite” out of it, pepper, and some random seasonings (I think dried parsley and basil?), and like 2 drops of EVOO. It was very light and delicious!

      I think I need to pick up a few small jars at the store so I can make some batches in bulk for the week, then I wouldn’t be so lazy about making my own because I wouldn’t have to do it every day. Thanks for the tip!

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