Lettuce Celebrate!

Get it? Lettuce = Let Us!  I try, I try

What are we celebrating? My new salad dressing that is absolutely delicious!! I bought this dressing yesterday because: a) I had a coupon, and b) I really needed a good dressing.

I wasn’t really expecting much, just because I’ve had salads at McDonald’s with this brand of dressing that I didn’t care for–thinking back, it might have been balsamic that I was using at McD’s and that’s why I didn’t like it. While I was really hoping it would taste like the ginger dressing used at many Japanese steakhouses, it didn’t–but that’s okay! It wasn’t too sweet, but not tangy either–a little like Sesame Chicken at a Chinese joint, but not quite.

This dressing rocked my face, mouth, and stomach!! (Literally my face since I didn’t pick the long stems off my spinach and they kept poking me in the face as I was trying to eat.)  I don’t have a pic for you because I wasn’t sure how the girl at work would react and didn’t want her thinking I was a weirdo, plus I only had by BlackBerry and the lighting in there is horrible. I WILL be eating this salad combo again soon, and promise to take a pic. It had fresh spinach, dried pepper and garlic onions, grilled chicken, and Newman’s Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger dressing.  I loved it so much, I wanted more salad! With these stats, I could have!


Tonight for dinner, we’re trying a delicious looking pizza recipe, that I found on BodyRock.tv. I won’t be posting the recipe or pics, since Zuzanna & Freddy did such an amazing job with it. I am leaving out the leeks though, and I won’t be putting any cheese on my pizzas, just FYI. I can’t wait to try it… Doesn’t it look delicious?!

This pic came from BodyRock.tv, where you can find the entire recipe and step by step photos!

 I’ll probably fix a simple green salad with oil and salt, and add cheesy bread sticks for Chris.

Its time to go pump some iron and then start dinner. Hope your Monday wasn’t too rough, see you tomorrow!

Have you tried any new recipes lately?  How did it turn out?





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