Fun in the Sun

Today started like this:

And then there was a lot of this:

And when we had so much sun we didn’t even feel like fixing our own dinner, there was this:

(Sorry its a little dark, but the pic with flash was way worse.)

That salad was at least one full head of romaine, possibly more. It was loaded with tons of fresh veggies and grilled chicken. I barely made it through half of it, and my stomach looked like I swallowed a head of iceberg whole! haha

If you want more food than you could ever possibly eat, go to Lambert’s. If you don’t leave stuffed, something is wrong with you! They give you giant portions of whatever entrée you choose, plus two sides, “pass arounds” which are MORE sides, and fresh made hot rolls… And if that’s not enough, it’s all you can eat so just ask for more (I doubt you will)!

It’s America’s Got Talent pass out on the couch time over here, have a great night!

What’s your favorite restaurant for a tasty salad that fills you up? 



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