Weekly Workout Wrapup

Hey there, hope you’re having a great holiday weekend!

Its time for my weekly workout wrapup. This is a look back at what I did this week to get in exercise and work my body. Click for last week’s wrapup.

Sunday 6/26: None.

Monday 6/27: Pumped Iron – curls, triceps extensions, chest press, flies, and rows

Tuesday 6/28: Shopping counts, right? 😉

Wednesday 6/29: Lake day, we were active all day swimming and playing on the seadoo

Thursday 6/30: 30 Minutes Pilates – belly, butt, thighs

Friday 7/1: Walked 30 minutes.

Saturday 7/2: Upper Body Workout: 2 sets of 12 reps for each exercise (and each arm where applicable)

  • Seated dumbbell Press: 5lbs/10lbs
  • Flat Bench dumbbell Press: 5lbs/10lbs
  • Single Arm Rows: 5lbs/10lbs
  • Standing dumbbell Hammer Curls: 5lbs/10lbs <–I struggled with the last few of these probably beyond “working to failure”.
  • Single Arm Triceps Extensions: No weight/5lbs

I should have done more cardio this week, but as we know, I hate running!  haha I’m really focusing on toning up though, so I think I did pretty darn good this week on that!

What did you do this week to get in some exercise?



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